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Samsung QLED 8K TV earns US certification

Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday its quantum dot liquefied emitting diode 8K TVs have obtained a certification for its high-definition quality in the United States.

Samsung Electronics has received the 8K certification for most of its QLED 8K TVs built for the year of 2020 from the US-based 8K Association, the company said in a statement. 


The 8K Association is a cross-industry group focused on facilitating the growth of the 8K ecosystem. 

QLED 8K TV delivers 16 times the resolution of full HD TV, weaving 33 million pixels into a canvas of utmost clarity on a super big screen, transforming flat images into a profoundly deeper experience.

The South Korean electronics giant has also achieved the 8K UHD certification from the US Consumer Technology Association for the definition quality of QLED 8K TVs. (Yonhap)