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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

Opened Dec. 19
Drama, Action
Directed by Lee Hae-jun, Kim Byeong-seo

Paektusan, the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula and a dormant volcano, comes out of its slumber and undergoes the biggest eruption in recorded history. South Korean operative Capt. Jo In-chang (Ha Jung-woo) and North Korean spy Lee Jun-pyeong (Lee Byung-hun) are sent on a covert operation to save the peninsula.

Forbidden Dream
Opened Dec. 26
Drama, History
Directed by Hur Jin-ho

The legendary King Sejong (Han Suk-kyu) of Joseon Dynasty and his science officer Jang Yeong-sil (Choi Min-sik) share a dream of studying the sky and developing Joseon’s independent time system. Jang, who was born a slave, is brought into the palace by the king who recognized Jang’s genius mind. The two great men invent devices for astronomical observation over their 20 years of friendship, until Jang is discharged from his position after the king’s wooden carriage made under Jang’s supervision breaks.

Opened Dec. 18
Directed by Choi Jeon-yeol

Teenage delinquent Taek-il (Park Jung-min) runs away from his overbearing mother (Yum Jung-ah) and ends up working at a Chinese restaurant. There, he has a less than friendly encounter with the cook, Geo-seok (Ma Dong-seok/Don Lee), a bulky man whose past is shrouded in mystery.

Opened Dec. 31
Action, Drama, History
Directed by Roland Emmerich

On Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese forces launch a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, the US naval base in Hawaii. Six months later, the Battle of Midway commences on June 4, 1942, as the Japanese navy once again plans a strike against American ships in the Pacific. For the next three days, the US Navy and a squad of brave fighter pilots, including Dick Best (Ed Skrein) and Wade McClusky (Luke Evans), engage the enemy in one of the most important and decisive battles of World War II.