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NK media warn of immediate strike against threats

North Korea’s official newspaper warned Friday that any act infringing on the country’s dignity and survival will be met with an “immediate and powerful strike.”

The Rodong Sinmun, the mouthpiece of the North Korean Workers’ Party, followed up on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s remarks late last month that Pyongyang would soon show off a “new strategic weapon.”

Accusing the US of dragging its feet in denuclearization talks for its own political interests, Kim said during a party meeting that he sees no reason to keep his commitment to suspend nuclear and long-range missile tests. He also warned of a “shocking actual action.”


Kim said his country will continue to develop strategic weapons until hostile policies against it are withdrawn and lasting and stable peace is established on the Korean Peninsula.

“Any act that infringes on the republic’s dignity and survival must be met by an immediate and powerful strike,” the Rodong Sinmun said in its editorial.

“We must possess and strengthen invincible military power. It is the core initiative of our party’s national defense building to make no one dare think about using military force against us.”

The paper said it would be foolish to bargain for rice or money with the state’s dignity, safety and future.

“The latest situation has made it a fait accompli that we will continue to live under sanctions by hostile forces. … History has proved that there cannot be any normal economic development unless we render the sanctions useless,” it said.

“Although we cannot make things change grandly in terms of the economy right now, we have found our own way to solve the problems of eating and wearing.”

The newspaper stressed that the country must make a “breakthrough” in countering sanctions by seeking “self-reliance.”

By Kim So-hyun (