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Chevrolet rolls out Trailblazer as new core SUV model

Chevrolet launched Friday its new sport utility vehicle Trailblazer in Korea, dubbing it as the brand’s “core next-generation model.”

The midsized SUV sits between the compact SUV Trax and Equinox, targeting urban drivers. It contains Chevrolet’s next-generation powertrain and high-tech driving functions, said the American automaker, which is owned by General Motors. 

GM Korea CEO Kaher Kazem (left) and Vice President Cesar Toledo (right) pose for a photo with the Trailblazer during its launch event in Incheon on Friday. (GM Korea)
GM Korea CEO Kaher Kazem (left) and Vice President Cesar Toledo (right) pose for a photo with the Trailblazer during its launch event in Incheon on Friday. (GM Korea)

“Trailblazer is a stylish SUV that will strengthen the Chevrolet SUV lineup, maximize the driver’s characteristics and expand the user experience,” said GM Korea CEO Kaher Kazem during the launch event at the Incheon Paradise hotel on Friday.

“From development to production, Trailblazer has been created in Korea. It will become a global SUV model that can also lead the Chevrolet brand’s future,” Kazem added.

Under the company’s plan to launch 15 new vehicles by 2023, the Trailblazer is the seventh model, following the Traverse and the Colorado rolled out last year.

GM Korea Vice President Cesar Toledo said the Trailblazer would compete with Kia Motors’ Seltos and Hyundai Motor’s Tucson.

The company declined to reveal its sales target but hinted that around 200,000 units would be produced annually at its Bupyeong factory, considering that it will use the same factory where the Trax is manufactured, which produced a similar number of units annually.

“The Trailblazer will be the global model, (not only for domestic sales) but for export, so we hope that each year with each model, our sales will grow,” said Kazem.

Trailblazer’s exterior has a bold front grille, including the brand’s unique dual-port design and chrome part that separates the upper and lower part of the grille. Its muscular bodyline continues from the front to the rear. Its roofline was designed to look like it is floating.

The Trailblazer comes in three different models -- standard, Rally Sports and Activ.

Rally Sports has a dynamic feel with a dark chrome grille, body-side molding, carbon-pattern applied skid plate, 18-inch wheel, vertical reflector and round-type dual muffler tip.

Activ was inspired by an original off-roader, with a strong, bold image. Dark titanium chrome material has been applied to the skid plate. The model also has a square-type dual muffler, 17-inch wheel and sports terrain tires.

Customers can choose from six color options. The Rally Sports and Activ models have the additional options of Ibiza blue and Zeus bronze.

The Trailblazer is 4,425 millimeters in length, 1,660 millimeters in height and 1,810 millimeters in width. It sits on 2,640 millimeters of wheelbase.

The front-wheel driving Trailblazer runs on two types of engines -- the 1.2-liter gasoline E-Turbo Prime engine and the 1.35-liter gasoline E-Turbo engine.

The E-Turbo engine is GM’s next-generation engine made of aluminum to lower the weight and reduce fuel consumption. It has been adopted in the Trailblazer for the first time, running on a maximum torque of 22.4 kilogram-meters and up to 139 horsepower.

The price of the Trailblazer is between 19.9 million won ($17,178) and 26.2 million won.

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