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[Graphic News] Social distancing campaign in South Korea


The government started a social distancing campaign late last month, calling on people to avoid mass gatherings and maintain a distance of 2 meters from others. The period was extended on April 4 to last for an additional two weeks.

No. of trips outside neighborhood of registered address
(unit: 10,000 trips)
(Source: SKT, Statistics Korea)

Jan. 25: 3,000
Lunar New Year holidays
(1/20  First confirmed case of COVID-19 reported)

Feb. 15: 1,376
Initial plunge of 24.4% from the Jan. 9-22 average, after first cases of COVID-19 infections were reported

Feb. 29: 1,014
Second plunge of 44.2% from the Jan. 9-22 average, after Shincheonji was identified as a massive cluster of infections

March 21: 1,325
Announcement of two-week “intense” social distancing on March 21

April 4: 1,354
Announcement of extension of “intense” social distancing on April 4