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Suspicious package found at USFK's Yongsan Garrison turns out to be hair grooming kit


A suspicious package found at the post office of the Yongsan base of US Forces Korea on Thursday turned out to be a hair grooming kit, a USFK official said.

The US military closed part of the garrison in Seoul, suspended traffic and urged its personnel to avoid the area "due to the investigation of a suspicious package."

"At approximately 1 p.m., the package was cleared by the Directorate of Emergency Services. ... This package did not pose a threat since it was determined to be an hair grooming kit," a USFK official said.

"It was accidentally sent here but addressed for a location in Australia," the official said, adding that it was suspicious as it was "vibrating."

A series of processes USFK took regarding the case were standard to ensure the safety and security of the community, according to the official. (Yonhap)