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FM Kang says Bolton's memoir reveals 'far-right' perspective


Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha on Monday described former US National Security Advisor John Bolton's memoir as being fraught with a "far-right" perspective.

She made her first comment on the publication during a parliamentary session amid growing controversy here over Bolton's accounts of nuclear diplomacy with North Korea.

Kang said "The Room Where It Happened" is "a book that clearly displays a far-right perspective."

"It is clear that Bolton had advised the president through the prism of the far-right wing," she said, answering a lawmaker's question.

"It appears that his viewpoint has influenced the US policy on North Korea to a considerable extent," she said.

In the book, Bolton described much of the diplomacy with North Korea as an event for a show that lacked substance and could never bear fruit.

The Moon Jae-in government has openly criticized the book, saying many of his accounts are inaccurate and distorted.

Bolton defended himself saying it would be a "disservice" to the South Korean people if he did not write the truth. (Yonhap)