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Caris wins NET certificate for guardrail tech that utilizes waste plastics

(Photo by Caris Co.)
(Photo by Caris Co.)

Caris Co. has won the New Excellent Technology certificate for its guardrail manufacturing technology that utilizes waste plastics.

At the 2020 NET certificate award ceremony, CEO Yu Cheol received the NET certificate for the company’s five-layer ribbed structure guardrail manufacturing technology that uses a triple compression method incorporating waste plastics.

NET-certified products are selected by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The certification is granted to technology that has been invented for the first time and has profound technical and economic impacts.

“As we have succeeded in developing guardrails using waste plastics, we will accelerate the preparation for mass production,” Yu said. “This certificate will be a very important turning point for Caris to grow into a global leader.”

Caris has signed contracts with the Ukrainian and Uzbekistan governments regarding business sales activities to local firms and state agencies. In addition, Caris’ guardrail has passed the SB-2 grade for national highway under the standards for iron guardrail set by Korea Expressway Corporation, and cleared all tests for the SB-3 grade for highways.

Based on the technology, Caris won the International Road Federation Innovation Award and the Jang Young Shil Award for developing plastic guardrails.