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S-Oil launches first overseas lubricants production in India

S-Oil’s premium lubricant S-Oil Seven (S-Oil)
S-Oil’s premium lubricant S-Oil Seven (S-Oil)

S-Oil will begin its first overseas manufacturing and distribution of lubricants in India, the company said Monday.

According to the South Korean refiner, it has partnered with a local company Gulf Oil Lubricants India to directly manufacture and distribute its premium lubricant product “S-Oil Seven” in the country.

In August, S-Oil began the production of S-Oil Seven at Gulf Oil’s factory located in Chennai on the southeast coast of India and the company will launch the product in the local market starting the fourth quarter.

“S-Oil’s lubricant production in India has been possible thanks to the long-term partnership with Gulf Oil based on mutual growth,” S-Oil CEO Hussain A. Al-Qahtani said.

S-Oil has been exporting lube base oil -- a raw material for lubricants -- to Gulf Oil since 2006. India is the world’s third largest lubricants market.

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